The College of Arts and Sciences


The Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Advanced Certificate Program allows students to pursue
advanced training in science without a Ph.D., while simultaneously developing
highly-valued business skills without an MBA. The program educates students
in their chosen field of study while providing them with exposure and training in
business, communications and ethics.

More than 240 PSM programs are now offered by over 100 major universities
across the United States, including many other SUNY campuses. At the
University at Buffalo, the PSM program is a combination of a graduate level
science degree and an advanced graduate certificate in Professional Science
Management. Students apply to a “home department” graduate degree
program, where they would receive their science training. Participating “home departments” are: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geography, Geological Sciences, Math, Natural Science Interdisciplinary and Physics. In addition, students simultaneously apply to
the Professional Science Master’s Advanced Certificate Program to receive
additional training in computation, business, and ethics – as well as complete a
semester-long internship.

Upon graduation, students receive two credentials: (1) A graduate level degree
from their home department; and, (2) An Advanced Certificate in Professional

Please Mr. Brant Kresovich with any questions you have about the program.